Our Vision and Values

To provide quality homes, regenerate communities and improve lives.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach and our core purpose of adding social value to the areas in which we operate.

Supporting Local

We want to better understand our communities and the role we can play within the foundational economy.

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Community Benefits

Investing in communities is important to us because as well as providing affordable homes and regeneration then we want to see our communities truly prosper.

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The way we approach our work is very important to us and we have an agreed set of values and behaviours. These values underpin how we deliver our services and we believe they are fundamental to our reputation.


We demonstrate respect for all, treating people equally and demonstrating an inclusive culture throughout the organisation.


We are open with our customers, our colleagues and our partners. We involve our tenants in key decisions wherever possible and provide up to date accurate information.


We continually challenge ourselves to do things better, looking outside our business and our sector to learn new ways of working.


We aim to deliver to the highest standards possible and do not settle for second best.


We approach our work with a can-do attitude and try to overcome any barriers or hurdles.


We think creatively and embrace new ideas and ways of working.


We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism in all that we do.


We are proud of what we do and we want to do it in a meaningful way. We are committed to providing our tenants with the best possible services and products.

Our values and commitments.
Strategic publications.

Corporate Plan 2019 - 2023

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Our Tenant Commitment

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Modern Slavery Statement

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Tenant Magazine - Year In Review

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Board Report and Financial Statements

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Gender Pay Gap Report 2021

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Our tenant commitment

We are committed to involving tenants in decision making, as we recognise the positive difference tenants make in improving and shaping the services that matter to them.

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